Cooking the Books podcast: How to land a good job and a pay rise, in a post-pandemic world


Each week the NZ Herald’s Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it’s how to turn the job hunt in your favour. Hosted by Frances Cook.

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We’ve all seen the news about how the economy is bouncing back faster than expected, and businesses are feeling cautiously optimistic about the future post-Covid 19.

Which is wonderful, not least because it means an opportunity for the rest of us to get a piece of the pie.

Many workers were asked to take a pay cut for part of last year, and after taking one for the team, can’t be blamed for looking to get a piece of the good times too.

The rebound means there are new opportunities around for interesting jobs, and that often comes with the bonus of being paid more.

The job market can be a bit of a miserable and unsettling experience though, and there’s definitely an art to doing it well.

For the latest podcast I talked to Simon Rooney from Find Recruitment.

For the interview, watch the video above, or listen to the podcast.

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