KFC is selling an 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket for just £5.99 today

Mondays are dull and we get that. You’re on a comedown from the weekend high, so a decent lunch to get you over it is a must-have, right? Thankfully KFC has sorted that out.

For today only, you can get a whopping 80-piece Popcorn Chicken bucket for just £5.99. Yeah, we know that’s enough chicken for the week.

The deal is available in-store only – use the store locater to find your nearest.

First spotted by members of money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk, by a member called Ayy123, who wrote: “A large popcorn [chicken] is currently £4.29 on its own and contains 30 pieces, so this is a bargain for 80 pieces at £5.99.”

This deal was first tested out in Scotland back in November last year, and now it’s made its way down south and is available in England for today.

A lot of LatestDeals.co.uk members thought the deal was possibly too good to be true, but a KFC customer service agent was quick to confirm the delightful deal was in fact running.

a KFC rep confirmed, “Yes, this deal will be sold throughout the UK in all participating restaurants. Some smaller restaurants may not participate in the deal but this will be available in the majority of the restaurants!”

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Savvy shoppers were also quick to notice that this weekend on LatestDeals.co.uk, there was a way to get £10 worth of KFC or Pizza Hut for free. Yeah, you read that right too – free.

If hungry shoppers used the discount code: YUM10UK , you received £10 off your first order of KFC or Pizza Hut – where in some cases, it was free.

Sadly this deal has now ended but fear not as TopCashback is offering a fantastic deal with Just Eat – where you can get a free takeaway when you purchase through Just Eat and getup to £15 of your money back to cover the cost.

TopCashback will refund 100% of the purchase order cashback on purchases at Just Eat. Purchases over £15 will receive the full £15 cashback – basically eating for free. Winning.

This offer is exclusive to new members and can only be redeemed once per household on a first come first served basis. It's running until 28 June, 2020 so pick your time to use it wisely if you are a new customer.

BRB, we're off to KFC.

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