McDonald’s speaks out after being accused of shrinking cheeseburgers

The world's biggest fast food chain has been forced to deny claims of shrinkflation after a customer accused it of secretly reducing the size of its cheeseburger.

McDonald's said it has not altered the size of its famous burger – but it has changed the shape of the bun.

It comes after a disgruntled customer posted a photograph of his burger alongside claims it was the size of a cookie.

It's not the first time the fast food giant has been accused of shrinking its burgers – however McDonald's insists that no size changes have been made.

A spokesman said as part of the innovation and investment process, the company recently changed the cheeseburger bun. 

"The overall weight of our burgers remains unchanged… The new bun is the same weight, with slightly different proportions," a statement told Daily Mail Australia.

"We haven't changed the size of our beef patty since the first McDonald's restaurant opened in Australia in 1971. We still use 100% Aussie beef patties that our customers know and love."

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The controversial images were uploaded to Reddit by customers who accused the restaurant chain of amending its portion sizes.

"Haven't been to Maccas in a while, cheeseburgers are cookie sized now?!" the original cheeseburger photo was captioned.  

Fans also complained that the new, smaller burgers, will result in them having to purchase more food.  

"My secret shame is that for my once yearly journey to Macca's I buy not one, but two Cheese burgers due to this indignity," someone commented.

"Oh man. I haven't seen one of these in 15 years. That's easily half the size," another fan wrote.

Others weighed in saying they had noticed a decrease in other burgers on the McDonald's menu.

"I noticed that too with a quarter pounder I had the other day," another wrote.

"I remember when the fillet o fish had a full piece of cheese. They used to be bigger also I am sure," a third commented.

In recent years, people have speculated the burgers have become increasingly smaller.

In November 2018 a spokesperson for the company denied any changes. 

"The Big Mac has not changed in size," the company said.

"In fact, it has not changed in weight, height or diameter. The only change we have made is making the packaging slightly smaller."

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