Morrisons offers job interviews to Tesco bakery workers at risk of job cuts

Morrisons has vowed to offer interviews to the 1,800 bakers at risk of losing their jobs following an announcement by Tesco to slim down its in-store bakeries.

The rival said it wants to increase the number of experienced breadmakers in its stores, hoping customers will switch to Morrisons once Tesco's plans have been pushed through.

Morrisons said it will offer experienced bakers who are at risk of losing their job at other supermarkets the opportunity for a similar role in their trade.

The grocer is currently advertising bakery roles on its jobs website and will add more than 1,400 foodmaking jobs at some of its stores over the coming months.

The roles will require people who can bake from scratch from flour and water and they often involve working early mornings when baking typically takes place.

Yesterday, Tesco announced it was putting more 1,800 bakers’ jobs at risk of redundancy . 

Bosses said adverts have already been launched for bakery roles and they want to increase food-making jobs in stores by 1,400 over the coming months.

Jayne Wall, a director at Morrisons, said: "We know that bakers love their job and we want to offer them the opportunity to carry on doing it at Morrisons."

Headquartered in Bradford since 1899, Morrisons is a British food retailer with 100,000 workers in 492 stores UK-wide.

The company has 9,000 trained butchers, bakers, fishmongers, cheesemongers and other skilled in-store specialists making fresh produce in stores.

Applicants should visit the Morrisons jobs website where roles are advertised. Morrisons will interview all skilled bakers. 

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