Primark are selling new bridal range in their stores – and women are loving it

It's no secret that weddings can be incredibly expensive occasions, with everything from dresses, to venues, food and transport to pay for.

So if there's any way to make the whole thing a little less pricey, it's likely couples will jump at the chance.

And it seems Primark might be coming to the rescue on this.

The high street favourite have launched a new bridal range, selling everything a bride-to-be could possibly need in the run up to the big day, such as lingerie, pyjamas, dressing gowns, hair clips, bags and various hen party accessories.

Photos of the pretty pink and white collection have been shared on social media where shoppers have been raving about the items.

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The photos, taken in a Primark in Braehead in Scotland, were uploaded to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK page, where thousands liked them.

"Primark have a bridal section now," said one person, who was planning to snap up an £8 white dress that would make the perfect bridesmaid gown for her little girl.

She continued: "My daughter will wear the dress for just one day or even half if she spills down it, so I refused to pay £45 for a dress from Monsoon…"

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A different user wrote: "I so wish this was a thing when I was getting married."

"Looks amazing, I'm going to have to go," proclaimed another shopper.

Someone else said it was ideal for a "wedding on a budget".

This isn't the first time Primark have sold a wedding range.

The company had a different collection which launched in 2018 just before Valentine's Day.

That selection included fluffy pink "Team Bride" earrings, "I Do Crew" slogan t-shirts and sparkly gold "Happily Ever After" cake toppers. Prices in 2018 started from just £1.50.

It's not yet known how much the new range will cost, but it's likely that Primark's usual bargain figures will apply.

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