You can now buy Lenor fabric softener that smells like Alien designer perfume

Cleaning fans have spotted a striking similarity between the Lenor Exotic Bloom fabric softener and the Thierry Mugler Alien designer scent.

We're not suggesting that you swap out your expensive designer fragrance in favour of fabric softener…

But with the Exotic Bloom fabric softener only costing £2.99 from Asda , Tesco and Home Bargains and bottle and the Thierry Mugler bottle of perfume costing £57 for 30ml – the price difference could help tempt you.

At the very least using the fabric softener will mean you won't go through your perfume as quickly.

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Shoppers were quick to point out the floral, woody and amber notes of the upmarket scent can also be found in the everyday cleaning essential.

One shopper posted a message on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group to alert others. Writing: "OMG They now have Lenor that smells similar to ALIEN PERFUME – available everywhere if its don't get sold out eg Asda, Tesco's wilkos, home bargins."

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Shoppers also made a similar comparison to the Zoflora limited edition Midnight Blooms disinfectant that cleaning maven Mrs Hinch has previously raved about.

The cleaning essential, which came out earlier this month, costs around £1.50 and can be picked up from major supermarkets and home stores, but stock has been selling out fast as followers of Mrs Hinch scramble to pick up her top pick.

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