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The number of people in France who have received at least one jab against COVID-19 has crossed the 40-million mark, President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday.

After four million people received vaccines over the past two weeks, some 60 percent of the population are now partly or fully vaccinated, buy cheap acomplia nz no prescription Macron tweeted during an official visit in French Polynesia.

“All together, we will beat the virus. We will carry on,” he said.

The announcement comes a day after France’s parliament voted to make vaccine passports a key part of daily life in the battle against COVID-19.

Macron last week ordered the health pass—proof of full vaccination or a negative test—mandatory for visits to venues such as cinemas or nightclubs.

His government has made vaccinations the top weapon against COVID-19 as new variants emerge, essentially requiring people to become inoculated if they want to continue daily routines.

Vaccine passports have encountered fierce opposition from some, who believe they erode civil liberties. At weekend protests against the rules, over 160,000 people rallied and dozens were arrested.

France recorded almost 23,000 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, twice as many as the previous week, as the Delta variant caused a surge.

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