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Every cover tells a story. And trust me when I say this one is pretty wild. It’s proof that, if you just keep the faith in the face of even the biggest life curveballs, where to buy generic torsemide ca no prescription you can come out stronger, wiser and better on the other side.

Back in March 2020, before the entire world changed forever, Women’s Health was lucky enough to score an exclusive shoot with one of Australia’s most successful athletes, surfer Sally Fitzgibbons.

She was mere months away from the Tokyo Games and in the best shape of her life, ready to compete for gold as surfing burst onto the Olympic roster for the very first time.

Then the pandemic hit, everything changed and the world’s borders slammed shut. And after 13 years pioneering the health market, Women’s Health Australia was shut down by our former owners.

Despite the devastation and shock of that time, something deep in my gut told me not to lose hope. That against all odds, this incredible shoot (that captures the spirit of female empowerment that has long been the driving force behind the Women’s Health brand) would somehow see the light of day.

Well, fast forward almost seven months to the day and we’re back – in a new media home, and at a time when health, fitness and wellbeing (both mental and physical) has never been more important. Not just here, but around the globe. And if you’re reading this, then I have one thing to say: Thank you! Thank you for supporting us and for never letting your belief in the power of this ground- breaking brand that has blazed a trail for Aussie women since 2007 waver.

If you ever ‘liked’ a post, got your sweat on at one of our events, devoured a print issue or clicked around our website, then you’ve been fundamental to our return. And when that happy day did come, there was only ever one choice for this epic comeback cover: the amazing woman you see beaming out from the front of this magazine.

Sally shares so many of the values Women’s Health holds dear. Grit. Aussie spirit. Resilience. Determination. And a desire to make the world a better place.

Don’t miss our inspiring chat with her (in true 2021 style, conducted via Zoom from Hawaii on December 30).

Women’s Health has seriously big plans for 2021. And continuing to fly the flag for female athletes (a cause we’ve championed for a decade via our Women in Sport Awards) is only the beginning.

Women’s Health is so much more than a magazine. We’re a global, multi-platform brand and community with health, wellness and female empowerment firmly at its heart. We do what we do every day because we believe in a happier, healthier and more well-rounded life for Aussie women. And we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey and a whole new chapter.

The March 2021 issue of Women’s Health Australia goes on sale on Thursday February 11.

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