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Study finds interoperable EHRs not yet a reality in the EU 

A report on the development of Interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) in EU Member States (as well as Norway and the UK), has been published by the European Commission.

The MonitorEHR study consisted of a literature review on factors influencing EHR interoperability and survey design and an online survey of 29 countries and data analysis.

It found that while most countries have established health record systems, cross-sectoral interoperable EHRs are not yet a reality in most of the study countries. However legal frameworks and institutional settings were found to be advanced, with only a few countries lacking key institutional drivers such as an eHealth authority or other bodies.

Report concludes remote mental health consultations ‘not right for all patients’

A Health Innovation Network report into remote mental health consultations concluded they are “not the right solution for all patients.”

The study of 6,030 NHS patients in London, found remote consultations during the pandemic led to “improved access, reduced missed appointments, and reduced travel stress.”

However, clomid and male testosterone challenges included access to technology, broadband connectivity, and patients or clinicians being unable to find a private space.

Natasha Curran, Health Innovation Network medical director, said: “This comprehensive report points to the benefits of a hybrid system, the importance of patient choice, where some consultations can be carried out remotely and others face-to-face, that could support vital ongoing mental health treatment both during COVID-19 and beyond.

All of Abu Dhabi-based hospitals connected to HIE platform

Abu Dhabi’s first Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform, Malaffi, has announced that all public and private hospitals in the Emirate are now connected to the platform. In total 59 hospitals, 1,100 clinics and medical centres and 380 pharmacies are now connected to Malaffi, which is a strategic initiative of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health (DOH).

Dr Hamed Ali Al-Hashemi, advisor to the chairman of DOH, said: “Malaffi is one of the most prominent and innovative programs launched by Abu Dhabi to advance the healthcare sector as it continues to adopt digital technology and achieve the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness regarding the sector.”

CGI and GE Healthcare collaborate to enable rapid adoption of digital health

CGI and GE Healthcare are partnering to help health and care providers in the UK accelerate their digital transformation.

They will initially focus on the rapid adoption of digital healthcare through imaging networks and digital cities. GE Healthcare will contribute solutions, data and artificial intelligence capabilities and expertise, while CGI will provide consulting services, act as a systems integrator and provide infrastructure and support.

David Labajo, VP healthcare digital at GE Healthcare, said: “We will work closely with CGI to develop the best solutions for the sector, ensuring that we deliver future-proof services that are robust, effective and have a real-world impact on patient care.”

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells goes live with new EPR

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust recently went live with Allscripts, making them the second of four acute trusts in the Kent region to go live with its Sunrise electronic patient record (EPR).

The trust has deployed the EPR across emergency departments at both its hospitals, as well as paediatric inpatient services, gastroenterology, and neurology outpatients, and for ordering tests and making referrals trust-wide.

Jane Saunders, EPR director at the trust, said: “The new system has provided functionality that enables our teams to seamlessly share patient data, supporting the further development of a shared care record for Kent.”

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