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Queen and Margaret 'picked Bilberries in Balmoral' says Burrell

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Berries have been researched for various health benefits, many of which are attributed to the content of polyphenol antioxidants they contain. Bilberries have been noted to have healthy benefits but detailed studies have found that these only occur in certain population groups. A systemic review of bilberry studies found that it improved blood sugar levels in Chinese people, uses of desyrel with stronger effects in those who were elderly or suffered from type 2 diabetes. The review also identified improvements to cholesterol levels and blood pressure among people suffering from hypertension.

The systemic review published in the Journal Nutrients found benefits to glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure among people who ate bilberry extract.

The Chinese studies the authors looked at also examined longer term health outcomes.

The researchers were not able to explain the differences between population groups with variables such as dose or age.

They additionally noted that as long term studies there were a greater number of variables that might also be responsible for the changes to cholesterol levels.

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The researchers note that how and when you consume berries will impact the health benefits it offers.

The amount and speed of beneficial nutrients that are absorbed from food, called the bioavailability, can be changed by how it is consumed.

The authors noted one example in which the bioavailability of nutrients in strawberries was reduced when it was taken alongside breakfast.

Better outcomes were found when eating strawberries before or after the meal, and when consuming them with cream.

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In the bilberry studies examined the data on how it was consumed was not recorded, and the researchers not that this could affect the results of their analysis.

They said: “It has to be noted that for the majority of studies included in this review, the phenolic metabolite composition of the bilberry and blackcurrant extract, or the grape seed extract, were not specified, whilst this information is essential for analyzing the relationship between the intake of supplements and its health effects.”

They do not that animal and laboratory studies have found bilberries improve blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity.

In type 2 diabetics, the hormone insulin becomes less effective at regulating blood sugar.

Studies have also been conducted on people at risk of diabetes.

A study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research found that people at high risk of developing diabetes saw improvements to blood sugar when taking bilberry enriched diet.

Insulin secretion was increased in some patients.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition where your body is no longer able to control levels of blood sugar.

That can occur because the hormone responsible for removing sugar, insulin, becomes less responsive.

It can also occur if your body is not able to produce insulin, which sometimes occurs as a result of autoimmune disorders.

If you have symptoms of diabetes or prediabetes you should consult a doctor with how best to manage the condition and avoid it worsening.

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