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KHN Midwest correspondent Cara Anthony discussed how Black entrepreneurs in the medical-technology industry are looking to fill health care gaps on Newsy on Wednesday.

  • Click here to watch Anthony on Newsy
  • Read Anthony’s “Black Tech Founders Want to Change the Culture of Health Care, One Click at a Time”

KHN Colorado correspondent Rae Ellen Bichell discussed covid-19 sick leave programs on KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Wednesday.

  • Click here to hear Bichell on KUNC
  • Read Bichell’s “With Federal Covid Sick Leave Gone, Workers Feel Pressure to Show Up at Work”

KHN correspondent Aneri Pattani discussed the unintended consequences of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s policies regarding medications for substance abuse on the podcast “Scope of Practice” on Wednesday.

  • Click here to hear Pattani on “Scope of Practice“
  • Read Pattani’s “As Overdose Deaths Soar, DEA-Wary Pharmacies Shy From Dispensing Addiction Medication”

On Newsy, KHN contributor Charlotte Huff on Oct. 19 discussed how an increasing number of rural hospitals are closing their labor and delivery units.

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  • Read Huff’s “How Low Can They Go? Rural Hospitals Weigh Keeping Obstetric Units When Births Decline”

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