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Looking to up your nap game?

Some people love napping, others hate it, saying it makes them feel even worse than when they started.

Lisa Artis, deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, tells us that needing to nap now and then is very normal, but there are ways to do it better and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed… rather than even more tired and groggy.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your snoozing game, Lisa has put together some tips on how to take a tip-top nap.

Try to nap for just 20 minutes

It can feel so tempting to keep sleeping, buy xr 30 mg but Lisa says keeping limiting your nap to 20 minutes is best.

‘Any longer and it could interfere with your nighttime sleep,’ she explains.

Experts have also previously said that napping after 3pm can mess with your sleep the following night.

Nap in your bed, not on the sofa

While falling asleep on the couch can happen very easily, Lisa says sleeping ‘all scrunched up’ like that can result in posture problems and just general discomfort when you wake up.

‘If you do feel you need to nap,’ she says, ‘head to bed and create a restful environment as you would for normal sleep.

‘Keep your bedroom as quiet and dark as possible, and at an ambient temperature around 16 to 18 degrees to help you drift off. Perhaps try a soothing scent in your bedroom in the form of a diffuser; lavender is a great option that aids sleep and relaxation.

‘Make sure your bed is comfortable and look out for signs that you may need a new mattress, such as mattress age and wear – an uncomfortable nap is a bad nap.’

Do your usual sleep routines

Doing what you normally do before bed can help you wind down for your nap.

For example, maybe you listen to calming music or an audiobook to help you drift off, or sprinkle something lavender-scented on your pillow.

One thing we wouldn’t recommend is scrolling through your phone – if that’s part of your normal pre-bed routine, it’s probably not helping you drift off easily, so think about ditching that habit.

Don’t rely on napping too much

Even if you’re having 10/10 naps, Lisa says they’re no substitute for a proper night’s sleep.

‘If you are struggling with broken or bad sleep, you should seek advice from your GP,’ she adds.

‘You can also speak to our trained sleep advisors through our National Sleep Helpline by calling 03303 530 541.’

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