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Fox 5 News anchor Blake McCoy was suspended on Tuesday after he made insensitive remarks about the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Washington, D.C.

"I'm annoyed obese people of all ages get priority vaccine access before all essential workers when most stayed home, we went into work everyday last March, April, May and everyday since putting ourselves & loved ones at risk," McCoy wrote in a since-deleted tweet on Tuesday.

He added, "Vaccinate all essential workers. Then obese."

Under Phase 1C Tier 1 in D.C., people that have obesity with a BMI over 30 kg/m² are eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine along with those who are immunocompromised, pregnant and have preexisting health conditions, among other conditions.

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Shortly after McCoy's remarks, canadian flomax pharmacy he tweeted an apology.

"Earlier today I tweeted something insensitive and offensive," the Fox 5 anchor wrote. 

He continued, "I truly regret my words and want to apologise. I have deleted my tweet and ask that you accept my sincere apology."

McCoy did not immediately respond to PEOPLE Magazine's request to comment.

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Erica Keane, a Fox 5 spokesperson, tells PEOPLE, "Blake McCoy has been suspended from WTTG-FOX 5 pending further review."

The rep also confirmed his suspension was due to his comments on Twitter.

McCoy is the Fox 5 co-anchor for four of their weekday shows.

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