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Rep. Jimmy Gomez has been carrying his weight as a father (literally) during the ongoing vote for Speaker of the House. The Democratic congressman from California fed his infant, wore him in a baby carrier, and yes, even changed his diaper at Capitol Hill.

“When I took [Hodge] to the floor, I think people were surprised — but it wasn’t a big deal,” Gomez told TODAY. “I think it does send a powerful message that us guys need to do our part. We don’t risk our lives bringing children into the world — women do.”

Gomez also took Hodge to Twitter, where he and other congressmen shared funny-not-funny updates from Tuesday night on. Rep. Tony Cardenas posted a photo of Gomez wearing Hodge and said, “This baby was born on the first round of votes. He’s now 4 months old.”

Four months old, and Gomez wants to know if it’s “too early to teach my son the ‘I’m just a bill’ song?” We think not!

The animated, motrin 650 mg rolled-up bill who is always waiting around the Capitol in the famed Schoolhouse Rock song is perhaps the perfect mascot for Tuesday night. The family’s of many lawmakers, Gomez’s included, were in attendance on Tuesday evening, hoping to see their loved one get sworn in. Instead, they waited through another vote for Speaker of the House.

And the kids in attendance, much like the rest of the country, were exhausted by the seemingly never-ending process. The proceedings put more than a few children to sleep, some looked bored to tears, and others looked just plain over it.

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