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Since COVID-19 has taken over the world, there has been much medical advice flying around, including warnings to wash hands properly, sneeze into the arm, and boost the immune system. Medical practitioners are always heard speaking in favor of the consumption of nutrient-rich food that builds immunity. Additionally, many doctors these days stress on ensuring that our bodies get enough Vitamin D.

Unsplash | According to doctors, Vitamin D helps build immunity and thus, safeguard against Coronavirus

But why is that so? Why has Vitamin D gained so much importance when the world is facing the brunt of the super deadly disease COVID?

Let’s find out.

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How is Vitamin D related to COVID-19?

Vitamin D is known to enhance the intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, geodon birth defects and phosphate. It is also essential in the maintenance of healthy bones.

Here’s a summarized look at recent studies conducted on the relationship between Vitamin D and Coronavirus:

  • Northwestern University suggests that vitamin D levels have a significant role in the body’s response to COVID-19. The university has used data compiled from ten countries to justify their research and discovered that there’s a relationship between hyperactive immune systems and low level of vitamin D. The lead author of the research team has said that vitamin D deficiency can increase mortality rates. He has also stated that the vitamin’s deficiency amounts to patients having critical complications due to Coronavirus. The team considered the mortality rates in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain and concluded that the high mortality rates in those countries were related to low levels of vitamin D among the general population.

Unsplash | Severe Vitamin D deficiency coupled with Corona complications can lead to death

  • A postdoctoral research associate who took part in the same study said that the cytokine storm could damage the lungs and even trigger acute respiratory problems. These problems are significant causes of death in the countries where most deaths have happened due to Coronavirus, which can be prevented with proper Vitamin D consumption.
  • Another study carried out in Britain shows that countries with older populations experience more severe cases of Coronavirus infections. The study also found that these populations have low vitamin D levels, which has contributed immensely to the higher death figures there.
  • Another report from Louisiana State University showed that Louisiana African Americans amounted to a higher percentage of COVID-19 related deaths than other people in the state. Remember that people with darker skin have lower levels of Vitamin D due to the effect of melanin in their skin.

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Unsplash | Sunlight, nutritious diet, and supplements should be taken to supply body with ample Vitamin D

To give a final word

What all these points prove is that Vitamin D indeed has a strong relationship with COVID-19. It plays a key role in the proper functioning of the human immune system, and thus, its consumption in appropriate quantities can help us fight the virus better. With the ease of lockdown in some countries, people may be able to step out and get Vitamin D in ample quantities either from the sun or just by consuming foods rich in vitamin D.

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