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Dear Fellow Moms,

Motherhood isn’t just a thankless job — it’s the thankless job. We’re on duty 24/7, ready and willing to leap out of bed at the first sign of a kid who needs us. We have sacrificed our bodies, the ability to sleep soundly, and the chance to have a hot meal or a hot bath for years on end. When no one else can find things, it’s up to us to know that the missing object was last seen, can u take ibuprofen and paracetamol at same time say, wedged between the mattress and the wall. We are the changers of diapers and sheets; the keepers of dates and schedulers of appointments; the rememberers of all the things, both important and trivial; the soothers of scrapes and broken hearts.

And we do all this for people who have zero grasp of the magnitude of our presence in their lives, and consequently, virtually zero gratitude.

Sure, once in a while the world throws us a bone with a holiday like Mother’s Day. But let’s face it — even the sweetest and most well-intentioned gestures typically come with some sort of thing we’ll have to deal with later. Like a lovely breakfast in bed … and a messy kitchen to contend with once we get up. Or some much-needed alone time … while our usual duties, the ones we do that go mostly unnoticed, pile up in our absence. Kinda like the laundry.

It isn’t the accolades that we need, though. It’s simply for someone to notice. To sit back and think about it and be honestly grateful for the magnitude of what we go through on a daily basis to keep our households running. And it may feel like no one will ever really see us, but we need look no further than other moms for understanding. Because, Moms, we see you.

Moms of newborns, we see you. Trying to figure this new little person out, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth. Trying to meet their every need (and neglecting your own in the process). Trying to feel like yourself after nine long months of pregnancy, trying to reclaim your body even though it barely belongs to you any more. Worried you’re failing at something because they can’t tell you what they need — they just cry. Tired beyond belief. Leaking and sore in places you never imagined being leaky or sore. Overwhelmed with love, overwhelmed with concerns, just … overwhelmed.

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