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Evosep today announced that Novo Holdings A/S has become a minority shareholder in Evosep Aps with a US$ 40m investment to further Evosep’s technology and application portfolio for clinical proteomics. Evosep aims to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating protein based clinical diagnostics.

Clinical analyses usually require relatively high throughput and rugged equipment with simple processes. Until now, proteomics analysis has been relatively slow and relied on complex equipment and workflows that required high maintenance and expertise. Importantly, the largest performance gap is no longer with the mass spectrometers but with the sample purification and separation steps immediately prior to mass spectrometry, areas where Evosep has already demonstrated significant innovation since its inception.

Christian Ravnsborg, CEO of Evosep, commented: “We are delighted to have Novo Holdings A/S as a new shareholder in Evosep. Novo Holdings is a well-known and highly regarded long-term investor with significant expertise in working with innovative life science businesses to unlock their potential. The combined experience and investment will enable us to accelerate our already strong growth, and further expand our platform towards bedside care proteomics, both independently and through our many vendor relationships.”

Stephen Van Helden, Principal at Novo Holdings A/S, said: “Evosep is a scientific leader within proteomics and the team has been providing innovation to the field for decades. This investment underscores Novo Holdings’ commitment to supporting companies developing cutting-edge science that makes a real difference to patients and society. We are genuinely excited about this investment and look forward to working with Evosep and supporting its effort going forward.”

Tonni Bülow-Nielsen, piroxicam 5mg for dogs Partner at EIFO, previously Vaekstfonden: “Evosep has already proven its potential to become among the global leaders in proteomics, and I have great faith in the team. The success of the company is a testimony to Denmark’s unique position within Health Tech, and at Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund we are pleased to continue the journey with Evosep in partnership with Novo Holdings. We are confident that Evosep, with their advanced technology, will create significant positive change in the health care sector.”

Dr. Ole Vorm, Founder of Evosep, said: “Precision medicine is set to revolutionize healthcare in the coming decade or two. And precision diagnostics is a crucial first step to getting there. The Evosep One™ was engineered for robust and fast clinical proteomics and we are now very excited to accelerate our efforts towards clinical proteomics”.

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