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We may have just entered 2023, but plenty of people are still holding onto sexist gender ideals that have been around since — oh, I don’t know —the beginning of time. In a Reddit post on the “Am I the A-Hole” thread, one son explains that his sister was a “total tomboy” growing up, much to the chagrin of their parents. His dad supposedly always wanted a “girly girl,” and she was “like a boy in every way except biologically.”

Uhhh, it sounds like OP may have absorbed some of his parents’ stereotypical views. We have to imagine he has very narrow views of what makes a girl “girly” and what does it mean to be “a boy in every way,” but we digress.

“Our dad would make remarks about her not taking care of her appearance and running around all day and tanning dark in the process, buy neurontin online pharmacy ” the OP said. “My room was directly next to the living room and I would listen to my parents complaining to each other about my sister’s future and how no one would want to marry her because she’s nothing like a girl.”

So now being tan is a problem too? That certainly makes it sound like Dad is sexist and racist.

Then comes the time for the daughter to head off to college. She planned on studying geology since she supposedly wanted to be a geologist like her father. “She always loved rocks and collected rocks growing up,” OP wrote.

“Our dad told her geologists got laid off all the time and the pay sucked to try to get her to choose something else. She was convinced to do teaching probably because it was a female profession but after first year she dropped out because she HATED it.”

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