‘Badge of honour!’ China mocked by MPs over ‘counterproductive’ parliamentary sanctions

China mocked by UK MPs over parliamentary sanctions

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Conservative MPs Daniel Kawczynski and Tim Loughton have belittled moves by China to silence British politicians who speak out against the Chinese Communist Party. Addressing a Westminster debate on the AUKUS pact to counter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, Mr Kawczynski warned the moves to sanction him would only make him more determined to continue Beijing’s actions.

Mr Kawczynski told MPs: “Some people will accuse me of perhaps being anti-Chinese and slightly hysterical, about the emanating threat coming from China.

“Well let me give you some evidence as to why I think China is becoming an increasing threat and I must say to you, I’ve already been warned by various Chinese publications here in the United Kingdom that I am on a watch list and that if I continue to speak out and scrutinize Anglo-Chinese relations, I will be the next Tory MP that is put on their sanctions list.

“Well, if that is the case, I’m going to do even more scrutiny of China, because the British way, and I want the job of the Chinese ambassador to know this, the British way is not to be bullied and intimidated.

“We are all British parliamentarians, and we have a duty and responsibility in this house, to challenge our own government, and our own government’s policy to China, in a sensible pragmatic and democratic way and I for one if this debate pushes me into being sanctioned then I for one will not relent, in that ongoing scrutiny of my own government and its conduct towards China.”

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Tim Loughton MP replied: “As one of the seven parliamentarians that do wear the badge of honour of having been sanctioned by the Chinese government, we will be delighted to welcome him to our numbers and present him physically with a badge for that extraordinary honour which has come to productively been bestowed on us by the Chinese Communist Party.”

It comes as China’s Communist Party has been slammed for “hijacking” the UK’s push to adopt green technology and electric vehicles. 

On Monday, LBC host Maajid Nawaz raised the alarm over Beijing’s move to secure supplies of lithium in Afghanistan – a key component in electric car batteries.

He also warned that China could also look to conquer the island nation of Taiwan in order to control the global supplies of advanced microchips. 

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Mr Nawaz told LBC: “Put the humiliation aside, we shouldn’t have been there in the first place anyway so put the humiliation side and just think about it strategically.

“If the Chinese military are at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and Afghanistan is a country that has all this lithium, that you need to make car batteries. On top of that China takes Taiwan, that you need, because you can’t make microchips. Most of the vast majority of the world’s production comes from Taiwan.

“And we just granted this £1 billion pound plant subsidised by £42 million of taxpayers cash. We’ve just granted a Chinese firm the control over making electric car batteries here in Britain.

“And you’re telling me you don’t smell a rat? There’s something fishy is going on.”


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“That doesn’t sound dodgy to you.”

He added: “Why, why do we not realise that our supply chain is a national security question, why do we constantly, whether it’s telecoms, nuclear power Hinkley Point C, whether it’s our universities, whether here it’s our electric car batteries.

“Everything has a weak point.

“And that weak point is the Chinese Communist Party that could switch it off if we don’t do the right thing.”

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