BBC celebration of Boris pulling out ‘shows they favour Starmer’

BBC News: Martine Croxall asks if she’s ‘allowed to be this gleeful’

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The BBC has been accused of campaigning for the Conservative Party to lose the next General Election. It comes after presenter Martine Croxall told viewers on Sunday: “Well this is all very exciting, isn’t it? Am I allowed to be this gleeful? Well, I am.”

The programme started at 10.30pm on Sunday, about 90 minutes after Mr Johnson pulled out of the Tory leadership race.

In her first question to guests, Ms Croxall also remarked: “Can we even show you the front pages just yet, have they arrived? No they haven’t arrived.

“It’s all a little bit, you know, isn’t it? Because all the front pages were probably out of date by the time we received them.”

The presenter’s guest, parliamentary journalist Jonathan Grew, said on The Papers show: “Boris Johnson thinks he should be world king. Of course he thinks he’s best placed to win an election in 2024. He probably thinks he’s best placed to win the American election in 2024.”

Instead of countering the comment, Ms Croxall hooted before giggling.

She said: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t probably. I’m probably breaking some sort of terrible due impartiality rule by giggling.”

Some viewers, including several Tory MPs, reacting to a clip on social media, complained it displayed bias.

GB News presenter Dan Wootton, in an op-ed published by MailOnline, blasted the episode, writing: “Those disgraceful scenes are just the tip of the iceberg but smash the pretence the BBC is any sort of impartial news organisation who we can trust to cover the dramatic acrimony behind-the-scenes of the Conservative party fairly and accurately.


“Today (Monday), the BBC is reported to have suspended Croxall after a social media outrage.

“But I know they’re only sorry they got caught – the vast majority of BBC staff share the anti-Boris sentiment. Croxall was the only one silly enough to express it so blatantly.”

A statement from the broadcaster said: “BBC News is urgently reviewing last night’s edition of The Papers on the News Channel for a potential breach of impartiality.

“It is imperative we maintain the highest editorial standards. We have processes in place to uphold our standards, and these processes have been activated.”

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Former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries wrote on Twitter: “This lack of impartiality demonstrates how deep seated the bias is.”

Last week, Channel 4 News anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy was also taken off air, for a week, after he swore at Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker following an interview.

The broadcaster said the presenter’s outburst towards the Tory MP had breached its “strict” code of conduct.

In his op-ed, Mr Wootton criticises “Tory wets” and the mainstream media for “lecturing” him to get behind Rishi Sunak, who will replace Liz Truss at Number 10.

Mr Sunak warned his warring MPs the Conservatives must unite or die in the face of a profound economic challenge after he won the race to be the next PM.

Conservative Party chairman Sir Jake Berry called for an end to Tory infighting, saying: “Now is the time for the whole party to come together and unite four-square behind Rishi, as he gets on with the vital work of tackling the challenges we face as a country.

“The time for internal debates is well and truly over, and led by Rishi Sunak, I know we can and will deliver on the priorities of the British people.”

Mr Wootton said: “I hope I’m proven wrong, but it’s hard to see how giving in to the BBC and other Boris haters this time around will avoid the Tories being wiped out as a political force for a generation.

“Rishi won’t win the next election, Boris could have.”

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