Billionaire Tom Steyer drops bid for presidency over viral video of him dancing

Democratic hopeful Tom Steyer has dropped out of the presidential race after excruciating footage of him dancing to 'Back that azz up' went viral online.

Mr Steyer boogied awkwardly on stage as rapper Juvenile performed his 1998 hit during a campaign rally at the historically black Allen University in South Carolina, US.

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer abandoned his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination on Saturday after trailing in third place in the South Carolina primary.

Steyer was joined by his wife and children on stage as they all danced to 'Back that azz up' just before the vote.

At one point the presidential hopeful awkwardly waved his arm above his head, while grinning at the crowd.

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Some failed to see the funny side of Mr Steyer's antics, accusing him of 'pandering' to black voters.

Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted: "We’ve seen all kinds of pandering for Black votes… Carrying hot sauce. Making playlists w/rap songs.

"Floating names of black running mates. Invoking MLK, Rosa Parks, and Barack Obama. Cardi B interviews. But @TomSteyer dancing with #Juvenile to #BackThatAzzUp takes the cake."

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Others described his jig as 'cringe-worthy' and joked that presidential candidates should be banned from dancing.

However, his moves went down well with some voters.

One Twitter user, Peggy Glynn, wrote: "O M G Tom Steyer dancing to Back That Azz Up I ‘m not sure what this means but I know I LOVE it. Made my freaking night."

Speaking after dropping out of the race, he said: "Honestly, I can't see a path where I can win the

"I love you very much, this has been a great experience, I have zero regrets. Meeting you and the people of America has been a highlight of my life."

The 62-year-old former hedge fund manager from San Francisco portrayed himself as a political outsider and blasted corporate money in US politics.

He poured £50.4million of his own wealth in January into his bid for the Democratic nomination, bringing his total campaign spending to £208million.

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