Blame for April council tax rise lies entirely with Conservatives in Westminster

In April millions of households will be hit with yet another rise in council taxes.

Cash-strapped town halls say they have to hike bills if they are to continue to provide even a basic level of services. Many families will struggle with the additional cost.

The blame lies entirely with the Conservatives in Westminster, not your local authority.

In the past five years, councils have suffered a 77% fall in central government funding, down from £9.9billion in 2015-16 to £2.2billion in 2019-20.

This was a deliberate move by the Tories to make local government responsible for imposing the bulk of austerity.

  • Council Tax to rise at double the inflation rate as millions face maximum hike

The consequences have been disastrous for communities across the country. Social care is at breaking point, schools are starved of funds, libraries shut and youth clubs closed.

Councils have been left with the invidious choice of raising bills or making more cuts.

When the bill lands on your doorstep, direct your anger squarely at Boris Johnson.

Murky Megxit

Harry and Meghan’s wish to start a new life was always going to test the monarchy.

They are not just quitting a long-established institution but separating themselves from their closest family.

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will drop Sussex Royal brand after 'Queen ban'

Until now both sides have tried to handle this unprecedented situation with sensitivity.

There are now signs the discussions are becoming increasingly acrimonious following the Queen’s refusal to allow Harry and Meghan to use the Sussex Royal name.

Many will wish the Duke and Duchess well but it was their decision to leave and the Queen has to consider the interests of the Crown as well as what is best for her grandson.

Klopp’s class


  • Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits receiving letter from 'cheeky' Man Utd fan, 10

Jurgen Klopp has again shown why he is football’s most popular manager by writing to a 10-year-old Man United fan.

Only one passage from the Liverpool boss may not have rung true to Liverpool fans – he says the Reds could one day lose a game.

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