Boris-backer Nadine Dorries slams rebels as Liz Truss urged to quit

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Nadine Dorries has slammed Tory MPs who have been plotting to remove Liz Truss from Number 10. The Brexit-backing Mid Bedfordshire MP took to social media to take aim at her Conservative colleagues, including those who helped oust Boris Johnson from Downing Street.

Writing on Twitter, the ex-Culture Secretary said: “I cannot imagine there’s one G7 country which thinks we’re worthy of a place at the table.

“The removal of one electorally successful PM, the disgraceful plotting to remove another by those who didn’t get their way first time round is destabilising our economy and our reputation.

“The ‘22 rules were put in place to act as a barrier against the regicidal nature of Conservative MPs.

“What is the point of the ‘22 committee if the rules mean absolutely nothing?

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“It’s a laughing stock and not fit for purpose if it makes it up as it goes along!”

Her intervention comes just days after Ms Truss sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as her Chancellor.

Ms Truss has since come under fire from Tory MPs to quit as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister.

Reigate MP Crispin Blunt said: “I think the game is up and it’s now a question as to how the succession is managed.”

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North West Leicestershire’s Andrew Bridgen told the Telegraph: “Our country, its people and our party deserve better.”

James Wallis, who was elected to represent voters from the swing seat of Bridgend in 2019, added: “I have written to the Prime Minister to ask her to stand down as she no longer holds the confidence of this country.”

However, Ms Dorries previously suggested Ms Truss should call an early general election if she wants to ditch Conservative policies which helped get Mr Johnson elected in 2019.

The 65-year-old Liverpudlian said: “Widespread dismay at the fact that three years of work has effectively been put on hold.

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“No one asked for this. C4 [Channel 4] sale, online safety, BBC licence fee review, all signed off by Cabinet all ready to go, all stopped.

“If Liz wants a whole new mandate, she must take to the country.”

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