Boris Johnson backed to be in cabinet – ‘Political career should not be shut down’

Boris Johnson: Expert discusses resignation petition for PM

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Mr Johnson resigned from his position as Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister on July 7, yet readers argue his successor should offer him a position in their new cabinet. Two candidates remain in the Tory leadership race with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak going head to head in a summer of hustings to succeed Mr Johnson.

During the second televised debate on Sunday, July 17, the five leadership hopefuls were asked if they would promise Mr Johnson a role in their cabinet.

None of the candidates – Ms Truss, Mr Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Kemi Badenoch and Tom Tugendhat – said they would be willing. 

In a poll that ran from 9am on Sunday, July 24, to 8pm on Friday, July 29, asked readers: “Should Boris Johnson be given a cabinet position under the new Prime Minister?” 

In total, 4,743 people cast their votes with the overall result, gaining a strong 68 percent (3,218 people), being “yes”, Mr Johnson should be given a cabinet position. 

However, some 31 percent (491 people) said “no” he should not, while a further one percent (34 people) said they did not know.

Hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on Mr Johnson’s future role in Government in the comments below the accompanying article. 

Many said that Mr Johnson should be given a cabinet role, with username Belfast1234 writing: “Yes, yes, yes” 

Username Hotdog 008 wrote: “Make him deputy PM.” 

While username imppy55 said: “Yes, Foreign secretary.” 

And username borneovet said: “Maybe make him the Ambassador to Ukraine.”

Username UK Home of the Righteous said: “Just because the lefties are desperate to be in power, and want Boris out of the way because he remains a threat to them, that does not mean his political career should be shut down.” 

Mr Johnson previously served as Foreign Secretary from 2016 to 2018 before resigning and becoming a backbench MP ahead of his premiership in 2019. 

Meanwhile, username Evie Roberts said: “How could he when he would be so much better than everyone else!” 

Some readers commented that Mr Johnson should be reinstated as Prime Minister, with username Splurge writing: “No cabinet position for Boris, we want him as PM!”


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Likewise, username Simo69 wrote: “Yes, he should be given the job of Prime Minister.” 

And username Bob Upndown said: “He should remain as Prime Minister. His ousting was a total stitch up and we will be all the worse for it.” 

Other readers argued that Mr Johnson should not accept a cabinet position from his successor. 

Username walkerscott said: “I support Boris but no ex-PM should take on another job in Cabinet.” 

Username odddog1 said: “It would be a terrible insult to him.”

And username Bluestorm2 said: “He should stand well clear and let them drown in their own mire!” 

While some commented that he should stay away from the Cabinet with username rogerthedog writing: “No, he has done enough damage already.” 

Another, username AlistairMilton said: “No, Johnson should not be in any cabinet. Keep him as far away from the seat of power as possible.” 

A new Prime Minister is due to take office on September 5 following a postal ballot of Tory Party members.

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