Boris Johnson faces Tory fury as MPs left ‘bemused’ at disappointing level up speech

Boris Johnson facing 'disappointed' red wall MPs says Watt

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Boris Johnson’s level up speech on Thursday failed to live up to expectations for some Tory MPs in red wall seats. BBC Newsnight’s political editor Nicholas Watt explained that the speech had bemused some Brexiteer Boris-backing MPs. He added that it had sparked fears of a greater issue with the Government’s ability to spend due to the speeches lack of detail.

Mr Watt said: “Well Conservatives in red wall seats were very happy and delighted that Boris Johnson had devoted a lengthy speech to the signature theme that they believe was essential to winning their seats.

“It will also be essential for them retaining their seats at the next general election.

“But then after the speech, opinions divided.

“Some of them liked what they heard whereas others were very disappointed.”

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Mr Watt then added that he spoke to a Tory MP Brexiteer who was expecting more from Boris Johnson in his speech.

He continued: “I spoke to one leading Conservative MP in a red wall seat.

“They are a Brexiteer, they are a big Boris Johnson supporter and this is what they told me.

“They said: ‘I was bemused by the speech.

Boris Johnson outlines plans to help UK 'level up'

“‘I thought it was going to be the big post-Covid reset but instead it fell flat.'”

The BBC Newsnight political editor highlighted that this has sparked fears of a bigger issue for the Government’s future plans.

Mr Watt continued: “The criticism is that there was either no substance to it or the policy was just not new or not substantial.

“There is a worry that the lack of substance means that there is a big problem lurking behind all of this.

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“That worry that there is no more money to be spent.

“What they are saying is that if there isn’t any money to be spent don’t talk about injecting cash to reinvigorate town centres, you can’t do that.

“What you need to be doing is encouraging businesses in and giving them seed money and that will create jobs.”

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