Boris Johnson says Tories can ‘certainly win next election’

Boris Johnson: TalkTV tease interview with Nadine Dorries

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Despite trailing Labour in the polls the former Prime Minister says there is plenty of time for the party to turn things around. “The fact is that the Conservative Party can certainly win the next election. Yes, absolutely,” he said in an interview with close ally Nadine Dorries for her new Talk TV show.

“The economy will start to improve, inflation will come down, people will reward the Conservative party, they will reward the Government for being sensible, for cutting their taxes and for getting things done that they need done.”

Many Tories are urging the Prime Minister to slash taxes to boost economic growth and help ease the burden on hard-pressed families.

But Mr Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have indicated it is unlikely there will be any tax cuts in next month’s budget with their main priority tackling high inflation.

Mr Johnson also lashed out at his old political sparring partner Sir Keir Starmer, insisting the public are bored with the Labour leader.

“Old Sir Crasharooney Snoozefest, the human bollard – Keir Starmer, that is – he thinks that he’s going to get people to vote Labour just by standing there and doing nothing. It’s not going to happen.”

He also refused to draw comparisons with the 1997 election when a long-period of Tory government came to an end after Tony Blair’s landslide victory.

“I fought the ‘97 election, I was there and I remember what it was like.

“It was really, really tough. You would feel this movement of voters, actively who wanted Tony Blair and that is just not happening now. I don’t feel it.”

Returning to tax cuts again, he added: “Fixing the things that Rishi has said that he’s going to fix and never forget when it comes to it, it’s going to be a very clear choice.

“Do you want the Conservatives who are going to manage the economy, not put taxes up any further? In fact, cut taxes.

“Of course the taxation situation has been very, very difficult because of Covid. The huge expense that we had to go to, 480 billion we had to spend on looking after people during Covid, it was massively expensive. It had a big fiscal impact but Labour, everything they say makes it perfectly obvious that the taxes would be even higher.”

Mr Johnson has kept a relatively low profile since leaving No.10 last summer, while many MPs still hope he will make a comeback to the front line.

However, this week he did a series of interviews on a visit to the US, berating Vladimir Putin and urging the UK to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

In tonight’s interview, he also hit out at Labour for wanting to reverse Brexit.

“I think that you’d have a very interesting situation, they would be gravitationally sucked back into the orbit of the EU.

“I think that’d be very wrong for the country. It would lose us a lot of opportunities that we currently have.”

On Brexit, Mr Johnson said leaving the EU had helped “save lives” because of the incredible speed of the UK’s vaccine rollout.

Setting his crosshairs on “merciless” Vladimir Putin the former PM renewed his demands for Ukraine to be given more armoury and weapons.

Hitting out at the Russian despot’s destruction of Ukraine he said: “He does it purely as an act of terrorism.

“He’s absolutely merciless. He has no respect for the laws of war, or human life. So we have to give them the kit they need to fight him and to send Putin back whence he came.

“And that means a lot of weaponry.”

The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip also gave a glimpse into his post-Downing Street life – reading to his children more, doing DIY and painting cows.

In the Talk TV appearance, Miss Dorries asked him whether he was now able to spend more time with the two small children he has with wife Carrie.

“What’s it like being at home with the kids? Are they seeing more of dad?”, she said.

Mr Johnson replied: “They are. Yes, and it’s fantastic because you know, I’ve got a very full day.

“I’m doing lots of writing. Unless I specifically tell you otherwise, I’m doing stuff for Uxbridge and doing a lot of political work but yeah, it means I can do reading to them… building things. It’s great.”

Mr Johnson – who has previously spoken about his love of model buses – explained that his DIY activity involved constructing a garage for a mini-quad bike.

“I’m building a garage for the quad bike. Not a big quad bike, it was a miniature quad bike. They’re too small for quad bikes,” he said.

Mr Johnson also said he was enjoying doing more painting in his spare time. “I’ve got a project which is to master the form of the cow,” he said.

Mr Johnson also addressed the ongoing investigation by the Privileges Committee into his Partygate conduct.

He insisted he will be “respectful” of the process, but said anyone who thought he had deliberately covered up lockdown parties in No.10 was “out of their mind”.

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