Boris’s judgement day looms with date set for verdict on his future

Boris Johnson erupts at ‘complete nonsense’ in Partygate grilling

A date has been set for a decision over Boris Johnson’s political future, insiders have said. The Privileges Committee is currently investigating claims the former Prime Minister misled parliament over Partygate. The report is expected to hand its verdict to Mr Johnson on May 23 or 24, sources close to the investigation told the Guardian.

Once a final report has been signed off by the privileges committee, Mr Johnson will get two weeks to respond before it is published.

It will rule on whether Johnson misled MPs about his knowledge of law-breaking parties in Downing Street during Covid.

The seven-member committee, which has a Conservative majority, is holding private meetings to examine evidence in an effort to come to a conclusion about Mr Johnson’s conduct, according to insiders.

The verdict could cause Mr Johnson to have to face a by-election in his local consittuency.

If the committee finds Mr Johnson guilty of recklessly or intentionally misleading the House, it will recommend a sanction.

The sanction is likely to be a number of days of suspension from the Commons, a punishment which would have to be confirmed by a vote of MPs.

If the sanction imposed on Mr Johnson is more than 10 days, a recall petition could be triggered leading to a by-election.

Such a by-election – in a constituency with a majority of just 7,000 votes – is likely to see Mr Johnson removed from office.

Mr Johnson faced a four-hour grilling in front of the Privileges Committee in January.

MPs on the committee are investigating whether he recklessly or intentionally misled Parliament over what he knew about Number 10 parties during the pandemic.

The Privileges Committee is attempting to decide whether or not the former Prime Minister “recklessly” or “knowingly” misled the House of Commons over illegal parties held in Downing Street during lockdown.

While Mr Johnson has accepted he misled the Commons with his Partygate denials, he said he did not do so “recklessly”.

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