Brexit LIVE: EU rules us! Truss faces ‘urgent’ VAT headache as ‘absurd’ deal scuppers UK

Brexit: Hamilton says Boris should 'get tough' with Macron

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Jim Allister, the North Antrim Member of the Legislative Assembly, has urged the British Government to take “urgent” action as the price of energy reaches uncontrollable levels. But the Northern Ireland Protocol is hampering the Government’s ability to aid with the cost of living crisis. Mr Allister said the Protocol keeps Northern Ireland under the EU’s VAT regime, and, “thereby there is a prohibition on reducing vat below the EU’s minimum diktat of 5 percent.” He continued: “The absurdity that if the Chancellor decided to remove VAT from fuel and electricity, we could not benefit because it is the EU’s writ.” Mr Allister called for the “iniquitous” Protocol to go.


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