Brexit LIVE: Fury as ‘frothing’ Remoaner ‘cult’ blames BREXIT for sewage ‘beyond pathetic’

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Lord Moylan, a Conservative peer, took on commentator Marina Purkiss and branded her comments about Brexit being to blame for untreated sewage being released into the sea as “rubbish”. Ms Purkiss tweeted: Govt voted to relax laws on letting water firms pump sewage into our waters. Why? Because water firms could no longer get the chemicals needed to treat the water. Why? …BREXIT.”

Lord Moylan responded saying her comments were “rubbish” and “You’ve already been thoroughly owned by someone who understands how sewage disposal works. You need to stop it before you fall into it.”

Another observer, @matt_se_20, said to Ms Purkiss: “You’re an expert at peddling lies. The frothing FBPE cult may fall for it, but sensible folk don’t. Beyond pathetic.”

Regulations over the process of dumping sewage into the sea changed in 2021, when the Environment Agency issued a waiver allowing companies to dispose of it without using one sewage treatment chemical called ferric sulphate.

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