Brexit LIVE: ‘Things can change’ warning plot to oust Boris to spark another EU referendum

Brexit: Public 'were told a pack of lies’ claims Lord Heseltine

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The former Deputy Prime Minister is a leading campaigner for another vote on EU membership and told Times Radio: “The Brexit agenda was a pack of lies … What happens if Boris goes, does Brexit go – throw the whole thing up in the air?” Mr Johnson’s premiership is hanging by a cliff edge and facing growing pressure from Tory backbenchers since he attended a lockdown breaking drinks party at Number 10. Many MPs are predicting that it won’t be long before he will face a leadership contest. Mr Heseltine continued: “Will the majority now of people who believe Brexit was wrong, have another chance to express their view?” Brexiteer Peter Bone warned it could be a possibility too. He said: “It’s another reason why my colleagues are rallying around the PM.” And from the opposition, Lord Adonis also hinted Britain could rejoin the EU without Mr Johnson. He said: “You never know how quickly things can change.”


Brexit victory as scientists celebrate end of ‘EU red tape’ over farm gene-editing

The UK Government has decided to diverge from European Union rules over gene-editing, which will enable scientists in England to undertake research and development using genetic technologies, including gene-editing.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) unveiled its plans on Thursday and highlighted how the change was because of Brexit.

They said: “The rule changes, made possible by the UK’s departure from the EU, will mean that scientists across England will be able to undertake plant-based research and development, using genetic technologies such as gene editing, more easily.

“Outside the EU, the UK is able to cut red tape and set better rules and regulations that work in the best interests of British farmers and scientists.”

The legislation has been welcomed by scientists.

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Jeremy Irons blasted idea Brexit meant economic disaster: ‘A few rocky years’

Jeremy Irons has shot down a Remainer who claimed that Brexit could spell economic disaster for the UK, despite voting to stay in the EU himself, saying he thought there would be “a few rocky years” either way.

Jeremy Irons stars in a new film being released on Netflix today. He is starring as former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in new film Munich: The Edge of War. 

Mr Irons said he believes there should be a more positive view of the man who was replaced by Winston Churchill during the war.

Speaking to the Irish Times he said: “I’m not proud of our dirty washing being hung out as it is around the world for people to see.

“We’ve lived through a time where we’ve all lived beyond our means and we have to pull back from that and keep united.”

He also dismissed claims of economic disaster, saying that the UK was likely to experience “a rocky few years” whichever way the vote went.

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