‘Don’t bother’ Furious Brits slam Barack Obama COP26 lecturing after THOSE Brexit comments

Barack Obama seen dancing without a mask on at party

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The former US President’s visit to Scotland will be his first in more than four years. He will be hosting a roundtable conversation with emerging leaders who are focused on climate issues around the world. In a video message recorded in advance of his visit, Mr Obama said he was looking forward to seeing youth activists make their voices heard.

He said: “From the perspective of the Obama Foundation, one of the things I’m most excited about is to see the young activists from around the world who are taking up the baton and not just working in their own countries, but now forming a collective movement across borders to tell the older generation that has gotten us into this mess that we all have an obligation to dig our way out of it.

“And if old folks won’t do it, get out of the way, because these young folks are coming and they’re ready to make sure that we have a sustainable planet and a better future for our kids and our grandkids.”

But his appearance has caused fury among Britons, who have not forgotten his unprecedented Brexit intervention.

Ahead of the Brexit referendum in 2016, Mr Obama warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU.

Reacting to the news that Mr Obama would be visiting the UK next Monday to aid the effort to tackle the climate crisis, Express.co.uk readers said the former president’s Brexit intervention had “destroyed any goodwill” in the UK.

Oldiebird75 wrote: “I think Mr Obama destroyed any goodwill pool he had with his “back of the queue” intervention during the Brexit campaign.

“If he is coming here to preach at the UK, I would suggest there is more for him to preach about in his own country, and that he would do well to deal with that first.

“He couldn´t deal with their problems when he was President, so a big fail all round – and we voted to leave the EU anyway!”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Surprise visit? Barack Obama must be sent to the back of the queue, along with his fellow Remoaner champagne lefties Biden, Ardern, Sevkovic, O’Neill, Martin and Sturgeon.

Meanwhile, a third reader, with the username ‘elojpx’, told Mr Obama not to “bother” at all.

They commented: “Don’t bother, Obama. You were a rubbish president and now you are irrelevant.”

Another reader, called ‘Scrumbunctious’, questioned whether it was necessary for the former president to “fly all the way here”.

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They said: “Obama was a lacklustre president who did little wrong but achieved nothing. He is still the same.

“Nice guy but ineffectual!

“Does he need to fly all the way here just to tell us this?”

While a fifth, Weskiwi, said: “Another uninvited coming to spout even more hot air.

“Get out of the way Obama.”

Youth climate activist Greta Thunberg has held a prominent position at the climate summit so far.

Yesterday, she hit out at global leaders for “greenwashing”, after storming out of a COP26 panel with UN climate envoy Mark Carney.

She later said she would be going “Net Zero on swearwords” after she was filmed singing: “You can shove your climate crisis up your arse.”

She wrote on Twitter: “In the event that I should say something inappropriate I pledge to compensate that by saying something nice.”

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