‘Don’t know how long booster will last!’ Experts clueless as timing of booster probed

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The Omicron variant of the coronavirus sparked widespread concerns across the world, resulting in the British Government rolling out a series of new restrictions to avoid a new wave of the Covid pandemic. Boris Johnson and his Cabinet have been urging Britons to book their booster dose to heighten the protective effects of the coronavirus virus.

Speaking in an All-Party Parliament Group on coronavirus, Prof Barclay said: “What we don’t know at the moment is how long does the booster effect last.

“A graph has shown two doses of Pfizer plus a Pfizer boost, there’s a definite increase in the number of people who have antibodies.

“But three months after that booster dose you’re back down again to only 25 percent of the people having the antibodies.

“We’re definitely boosting but there is some doubt over how long the booster will last.”


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