EU boycott campaign erupts – ‘If No10 doesn’t have the balls, let the people stand up!’

Brexit: Expert discusses EU's 'punishment' in 2018

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Adrian Hill was speaking after a report by pro-Brexit think tank Facts4EU indicated imports to the UK from the rest of the world are now outstripping those from the EU27. Furthermore, many readers this week made it clear they were ready to take drastic action in the face of what they saw as the EU’s interference with respect to fishing access and Northern Ireland.

Mr Hill, a former officer in the Royal Engineers who among other diplomatic posts worked as a member of the Channel Tunnel team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the COBRA Committee of the Cabinet Office, told “Boris’s lot just had a big success in the local elections and by-elections.

“The people need to give them a quick reminder of who is ultimately in charge.”

Referring to remarks by among others Andreas Michaelis, Germany’s ambassador to Britain, who has floated the idea of a “deeper alliance” when it comes to national security, Mr Hill warned: “As we see from talk of defence deals – the EU regard HMG as putty, they can with it whatever they like.

“They can try to break up the UK and sabotage our economy.”

Suggesting it was time for teach eurocrats – and the EU27 in general – a lesson, he added: “If HMG hasn’t the balls to stand up to the EU then it’s time we the people do.

“EU exports to us are down. Let’s sort out the trade deficit ourselves. Don’t buy EU made cars, clothes, shoes, furniture booze and food.

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“Don’t buy all those electrical goods and garden machines either.

“We’ll find that the EU suddenly wants to talk about Northern Ireland though no longer wants to chat poison on the phone with Sturgeon.”

Using the bloc’s treatment of Switzerland, where he lives, as an object lesson, Mr Hill said: “The Swiss pay high prices for food and support farmers with subventions because they regard agriculture of strategic importance. That puts up the whole cost of living.

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“The EU take advantage of this by selling inferior products for Swiss prices and that’s probably what’s going on with our supermarkets.

“The under-valued Euro makes it much easier for German companies to undercut Swiss companies and many suppliers of really high quality household goods have simply gone out of business, unable to compete.

“Try finding really good Swiss linen in Bern – best shop closed and only a few items sold in the quality store, Loeb, the local Harrods.

“Try buying decent ordinary British tea, almost impossible. But lots of German tea using British names.

“So there all sorts of macro-economic reasons for supporting British and Commonwealth products in our home market.”

The arguments for buying goods imported from Commonwealth countries were overwhelming, Mr Hill stressed.

He explained: “Wheat from Canada, beef from Australia and NZ lamb are all known. My generation knew all about Canadian cheddar when we were in kindergarten.

“So, instead of overseas aid, why not welcome finished products from Commonwealth countries and islands?

“We buy NZ wine. Why not chocolates from Ghana? Jamaica has a fashion industry and fantastic coffee, Desnoes and Geddes make wonderful rum, Tiger Beer is made in the UK already.

“I’ve lived in Lahore for two years, Nicosia for two and a half, Saigon for two years, four years in Muri bei Bern, four years in Ottawa, three years in Seoul and two years in Jamaica.

“The rest in Lambeth, Enfield, Smethwick, Caterham and Sedlescombe in East Sussex and here in Muri bei Bern. We’ve done a lot of shopping in a lot of places.

“Support your local shops and suppliers or lose them.”

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