‘Farewell to Keir?’ Esther McVey forecasts Starmer departure as Rayner surges to forefront

GB News: Breaking down Keir Starmer’s Labour policy essay

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The GB News host noted deputy Labour Party leader Angela Rayner has emerged as a leading figure within the party as Sir Keir Starmer continues to face accusations of vagueness about his policies. Esther McVey questioned political correspondent Tom Harwood on whether splits may emerge during the party’s conference in Brighton this week, leaving Sir Keir struggling to maintain control. Ms McVey said: “Sir Keir Starmer has written his 14,000-word document. I don’t know know how many Labour MPs will have read it.

“Too many people say it’s too much navel-gazing, what we’re interested in are things that will affect people in the country.

“I know you’re going to be there for the whole duration of the conference, I want your ears to the ground to see if you’re hearing about splits in the party. Because what we were looking at today yes, you talked about Angela Rayner, speaking.

“She’s also on the front page of The Times, she’s done a snazzy photoshoot in the Magazine. Will we be seeing her vying for position?

“What should’ve been a good conference for Keir, is this going to ultimately going to be a bad one? Could we be saying farewell to Keir sooner than we thought?”

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Mr Harwood said: “I think this is the story of the Labour Party Conference this year.

“These divisions between Angela Rayner, someone who’s actually praised hugely for her performance at Prime Minister’s Questions.

“She’s got a very forthright style and that contrasts to Keir Starmer’s, it’s often referred to as forensic, style. Some might call it boring, lacking in energy, lacking in passion.

“Well, certainly Angela Rayner, whatever you think of her, doesn’t lack in passion.”

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He continued: “And potentially, that 14,000-word essay – contrasting that with the much-more direct approach of Angela Rayner – is one that cuts through better with voters.

“I don’t know how many delegates here will take the time to read all of the 29-pages of that tome Starmer has spent the last few months writing.

“But it is interesting that for all of those words in that magnum opus, it doesn’t really say that much at all.”

Angela Rayner will be starting off proceedings at the Labour Party Conference this year with a speech on Saturday.

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Sir Keir Starmer has suffered a humiliating start to the Labour conference after being forced to water down proposals to the party’s leadership rules.

The Labour leader arrived in Brighton insisting the conference would be a chance to “set out our vision for the future”.

But behind the scenes, a series of key meetings set out opposition from the unions and Labour’s left to proposals which would have increased MPs’ say over the election of a new leader.

Pressed on whether the reforms for how a future leader is elected will be voted on, she replied: “My understanding is that the electoral college is not coming to the NEC, so therefore that wouldn’t.”

Under the original proposal, the one member, one vote (OMOV) system would have been replaced with a return to the electoral college made up of the unions and affiliate organisations, MPs and party members.

Sir Keir was understood to favour the three parts of the electoral college having an equal share of the vote, meaning Labour’s 400,000 members would have the same weighting of the vote as the party’s 199 MPs.

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