French MEP warns of Brexit ‘consequences’ and demands UK ‘respect EU sovereignty’

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French En Marche MEP Nathalie Loiseau has insisted that Britain will face “consequences” for wanting to leave the single market. She noted that while the UK is “perfectly entitled” to leave, it will affect the country’s access. The future of the Brexit negotiations will be decided by the end of Sunday.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Loiseau said: “The position of the EU is to fully respect the UK’s sovereignty, nobody is denying it but please do respect the European Union’s sovereignty as well.

“If you ask for a zero tariff, zero quota access to the single market and if you decide to diverge from our standards then you’re perfectly entitled to diverge but there have to be consequences in terms of access.

“This is just what we are saying and this is what a year ago was in the political declaration that Boris Johnson signed, that we signed, that there would be a strong level-playing field in the agreement on the future relationship.

“We have never said anything else.

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“It is really regrettable that out of fear of possible tariffs, the British Government would choose a no deal where there would be tariffs in any case.”

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