GB News: ‘Bewildered’ Starmer squirms amid ‘beergate’ queries, says body language expert

Keir Starmer labelled 'slippery' by Wootton over Beergate

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Body language expert Judi James spoke to Dan Wootton on GB News and discussed her analysis of Sir Keir’s body language when answering questions about ‘beergate’. GB News dubbed the Labour leader a “chameleon” as Ms James stated that Starmer is presenting the audience “with almost six versions of Starmer” depending on how he chooses to tackle the questions during interviews.

The body language expert said: “We’re seeing a different delivery every time it’s almost six versions of Starmer.

“With Peston we’ve got this slightly bullish, the chest is pumped out there but he’s going for a swerve because he is going off the message very quickly.”

Ms James then used the example of Sir Keir being interviewed on Good Morning Britain by Susanna Reid.

The GMB presenter questioned the difference between Starmer being seen drinking and eating with work colleagues in Durham and Boris Johnson and members of his office drinking and eating cake in Westminster.

Ms James stated: “With Susanne though he starts straight away by using a cut off, he’s looking down…it’s becoming very diluted. All of that sort of bounce that he had in the earlier days is gone now and he starts to go into story telling style here.” 

She continued: “He starts to go into a lot of detail. We’ve got staccato blink, we’ve got a much more defensive facial expression and again once he gets put under pressure he starts to look slightly bewildered.

“The blinking of the eyes, dart from side to side so again we’ve had four different performances.”

Despite being adamant that he did not breach coronavirus restrictions, the Labour leader has vowed that if it is found that he broke lockdown rules and is fined he will resign.

Sir Keir said: “If the police decide to issue me with a fixed penalty notice, I would, of course, do the right thing and step down.

“This matters. It matters because the British public deserve politicians who think the rules apply to them.”

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He added: “They deserve politicians who hold themselves to the highest standards.”

A poll conducted by GB News on Twitter which asked: “Do you believe Keir Starmer’s claim that he didn’t break the rules over beergate?”

Out of the 2,522 people who voted, a whopping 86.6 percent said no while 13.4 percent said that they do believe the Labour leader.

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