GB News host in brutal slap down after London university considers removing Nelson statue

GB News host hits out at proposals to remove more statues

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GB News presenter Patrick Christys has blasted moves by the south London university to have statures of Sir Francis Drake and Admiral Horatio Nelson permanently removed from Deptford Town Hall. In an irate monologue to GB New viewers, the TalkRADIO host warned that the people behind the campaign would be “better served to try to make some history of their own.”

Mr Christys told GB News: “Another day, another statue. I was going to say do the woke brigade not have anything better to do than relentlessly overanalyse British history and obsess about a bit of concrete, but it’s not as if they have jobs to go to is it?

“The latest nuttery to come out of the ‘let’s burn our country to the ground’ crew is that Goldsmiths University in London is considering removing statues to Sir Francis Drake and Admiral Lord Nelson. 

“They were involved in the slave trade and therefore they must be canceled.

“Sir Francis Drake was born in 1577 and Admiral Lord Nelson was born in 1758. They were hardly going to be avid members of the LGBTQ+ community or keen advocates of critical race theory.”

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The presenter added: “It wasn’t too long before that that people thought the earth was flat and on their maps there were parts of the sea that had ‘here be dragons’ written on it. 

“Obviously it’s not great to be involved in the slave trade, don’t get me wrong. But Sir Francis Drake also circumnavigated the earth, the people who want to tear his statue down have barely circumnavigated Islington.

“He defeated the Spanish Armada, the anti-statue lot think that’s the name of a gastro-pub. 

“Lord Nelson won the Battle of Trafalgar, he lost an arm and an eye fighting for this country.”

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“What have the Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action group done for this nation, apart from try to desecrate its memory,” continued Chirstys.

“They spent 137 days occupying the Deptford Town Hall in 2019 to show their anger at a statue of Robert Blake.

“Get a life. Can you imagine racking up student debt to the tune of around £20,000 just so that you can sit in a town hall in Deptford and shout at a statue? 

“It’s pathetic. And where does it end? Do they go and occupy the pyramids and then tear them down because they were built by slaves?”

He concluded: “The madness of wanting to tear down Winston Churchill’s statue – he defeated the Nazis for goodness sake. We would literally be living in Hitler’s colony today if it wasn’t for old Winston.

“I’d have had to have goose-stepped to the studio today past giant swastika flags if Churchill hadn’t existed.

 “In fact, the greatest irony of it all, is that the people who now have the privilege and luxury of wasting their time throwing red paint over statues can only do so because of people like Churchill – they wouldn’t have free speech and freedom of expression if it wasn’t for him. And what gives this lot the right to re-write our history?

“Lord Nelson won wars, so did Churchill, Drake sailed a rickety old ship around the world. I feel like the people who want to tear statues down would be better served trying to make some history of their own, instead of trying to abolish the one we already have.”

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