‘Get a proper job’: Tory MP challenges anti-Brexit protester at the ballot after row

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Marco Longhi urged Steve Bray to stand against him at the next general election after the confrontation. The Dudley North MP was filming a video clip discussing national policy with fellow MP Lee Anderson when Mr Bray interrupted them.

The protester is famous for shouting “stop Brexit” while wearing a top hat.

He can often be seen outside the Houses of Parliament, complaining about Brexit and Tory MPs.

In a video posted on Mr Bray’s Twitter page, the protester can be seen approaching the MPs, as he brands them “lying Tories”.

Mr Longhi replies: “Why don’t you go and get a proper job.”

The anti-Brexit demonstrator said: “Why don’t you do your jobs? Why don’t you lazy, Tory MP liars do your job?”

He goes on to call them “cheats” and “charlatans”, by which time the MPs walk away from the row.

Mr Longhi, on the video, accuses Mr Bray of “harassment”.

He has now issued a direct challenge to the protestor, telling him to test his views by standing in a Black Country election.

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Mr Longhi, quoted in the Express and Star, said: “This is a formal thing now, I’m announcing.

“I invite ‘Brexit Steve’ to come and stand against me in Dudley at the next general election.”

He added: “Let’s see how that goes.”

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Mr Anderson added: “This is a great day for democracy.

“Marco Longhi has challenged Brexit Steve to stand at the next general election in Dudley.

“So go on Steve, over to you.”

Mr Bray has urged Britons not to vote for the Conservative Party in the upcoming local elections.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “Looking forward to the Tory Council wipeout on May 5.

“Don’t waste your vote, vote for anyone that isn’t a God Damned Tory!”

The protester stood for the Liberal Democrats in the 2019 general election and came sixth out of seven candidates, losing his deposit.

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