Grant Shapps rules out pre-Christmas lockdown ‘Think right measures are in place!’

UK lockdown: Shapps says Christmas measures ‘not necessary’

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MPs on Tuesday voted in favour of stricter measures to combat the rise of the Omicron variant, leading to the reintroduction of mandatory face masks and Covid passes to access large venues. The Government’s strategy to contain the spread of the virus has sparked concerns of a new lockdown being implemented before the year’s end. But Transport Secretary Grant Shapps appeared to dismiss speculation about a new shutdown being needed.

Mr Shapps pointed out Parliament will enter recess this week and said he does not think it will not be necessary to recall MPs to Westminster during the Christmas holidays.

The Commons are normally required to vote on all new restrictions being proposed.

He said: “One thing the Prime Minister said if we needed to, or wanted to, or thought there was a requirement to introduce something further, we would recall Parliament before the end of the year.

“We don’t think that is necessary and that would be a really high bar, of course, the need to recall Parliament over the Christmas period. No, we think we’ve got the right measures in place.”

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