Halfon stops short on telling Truss to resign as MPs give her ‘days’

Robert Halfon calls for 'huge intervention' for cost of living crisis

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Conservative MP Robert Halfon stopped short of calling on Liz Truss to quit as Prime Minister but launched an extraordinary attack on her Government as he called for a “dramatic reset” over the coming days. He did not deny that some of his colleagues are plotting how to remove Ms Truss as leader revealing that colleagues are “unhappy with what is going on”.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Mr Halfon said: “We’ve haemorrhaged in the opinion polls. The public just can’t understand what has happened.

“Many of them are frightened about their future and the cost of living.

“It’s inevitable that colleagues are just, we’re all talking to see what can be done about it.”

He added: “I worry that over the past few weeks, the Government has looked like libertarian jihadists and treated the whole country as kind of laboratory mice on which to carry out ultra, ultra free market experiments. And this is not where the country is.

“There’s been one horror story after another.”

Asked if Ms Truss should lead his party into the next election, he said: “At this time, I’m not calling for the Prime Minister to go. I worry about further political instability, but even more economic instability. But things have to improve.

“Because if things don’t change, I just think that perhaps things may not be able to carry on in the way that they have been.”

Urging a “dramatic reset”, he said the Government needs to apologise for the chaos of recent weeks.

Liz Truss ‘will be judged at an election’ says Jeremy Hunt

As rumours continue about plots to oust Ms Truss, she is meeting her new Chancellor at the countryside retreat once described by a predecessor as “a good place for thinking – away from London”.

Ms Truss and Jeremy Hunt are meeting at Chequers on Sunday, amid the ongoing political and economic turmoil that has gripped the Conservative Party and the country in recent weeks.

The house and its 1,000-acre estate in the Chilterns was gifted a century ago to whoever holds the office of prime minister as a retreat from the bustle of Downing Street.

Bequeathed to the nation in 1917 by Sir Arthur Lee, an MP and director-general of food production, Lloyd George became its first prime ministerial occupant in 1921.


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As set out in the Chequers Estate Act 1917, it was hoped to draw the sitting PM to “spend two days a week in the high and pure air of the Chiltern hills and woods”.

The thinking behind that being “the better the health of our rulers, the more sanely will they rule”.

The site is no stranger to historic moments.

Sir Winston Churchill is known to have written some of his most famous radio speeches during the Second World War in the mansion’s Hawtrey room.

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