‘How irresponsible can you get?’ Iain Dale erupts at MP refusing to wear mask on transport

Miriam Cates clashes with Dale on wearing face masks

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LBC host Iain Dale clashed with MP Miriam Cates after she revealed she would not wear a mask on public transport after the July 19 reopening date as she was concerned over the risks attached to them. But when pushed to give an answer to what the risks could be, Ms Cates said people wanted to communicate with each other without masks blocking their faces after the lockdown was lifted. Mr Dale roared against her coronavirus arguments branding her “irresponsible” as the pair clashed on air.

Speaking on LBC, Ms Cates was strongly opposed to face masks being worn in public and said there were “risks” attached to wearing them all the time. 

But a shocked Mr Dale could not believe he was hearing this from an MP and challenged her on her views. 

He said: “Are we really going to have that argument again which we had last March and April?

“That seems a bit of a ridiculous point to make while there is a scientific consensus that they prefer [people wear masks].

Ms Cates said that the “scientific consensus” indicated that hospitalisations and deaths would be “three times higher” than what it was now. 

The Tory politician appeared to be referring to SAGE forecasting which suggested hospitalisations for this time in the year would be at least double what it is now. 

They predicted roughly 2,000 hospitalisations per day for July but current figures show only 223 hospitalisations are happening on average per day. 

Mr Dale pointed this out to which Ms Cate said: “Show me the peer review study and where is the study that shows why we wouldn’t want to continue wearing face masks.

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“But no, I completely agree with the Prime Minister, this has to be now about personal attitudes to risk.

“And if people want to continue wearing face masks, and I think they will on public transport crowded public transit, that is their decision”

Mr Dale bluntly asked if Ms Cates would do so to which she said no as the radio host sighed at the answer. 

Mr Dale then said: “How irresponsible can you get?”

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Ms Cates replied: “Well, I think our freedom is very important and I think showing our faces being human.”

But the LBC host was extremely annoyed at her answer and took Ms Cates to town. 

He said: “You’re supposed to be a leader of public opinion, you’re telling me that you won’t wear a face mask because people want to see your face, seriously?”

The Penistone and Stocksbridge MP was taken back and continued: “My point is, two years ago, would we have told people that they were dangerous and responsible for not wearing a mask during flu season?

“No, we wouldn’t so where’s the consensus for this, we need to arrive at the consensus for this, if that is the case, but there isn’t the consensus there at the moment this is a decision that was made in the middle of a pandemic and now we’re coming out of it.”

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