Ivanka Trump embraces ‘new friends’ by sharing bizarre photoshopped snaps of India trip

The “First Daughter”, as she has been branded, posed in front of India’s Taj Mahal with her husband Jared Kushner. The infamous wonder of the world is also known as world’s most famous monument of love and has seen other famous figures such as the late Princess Diana post in front of it.

Ivanka made the trip to India with her husband, her father US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

In one of the images, Mr Kushner is seen with his arm around Ivanka before stepping to one side to allow her some solo snaps.

These solo shots of Ivanka were then hilariously photoshopped by the White House adviser’s biggest fans.

She captioned the photos: “I appreciate the warmth of the Indian people.

“I made many new friends!”

One of the photos shows a man, presumably from India, replacing Ivanka’s husband.

Ivanka’s solo images were then also photoshopped to show men sitting in various poses next to her.

One such man – who was pictured wearing an orange turban – was lying relaxed on the bench with his leg over Ivanka.

Another photo shows Ivanka posing in front of the Taj Mahal while another man stands behind her with his hand around hers.

One hilarious photo shows Ivanka sitting on the back of a man’s bike.

The images were created by one of India’s most popular actors Diljit Dosanjh.

Mr Dosanjh shared the photo on his Twitter page on Sunday.

His caption read: “Me & Ivanka. Piche hee Pey Gaee Kehndi Taj Mahal Jana Taj Mahal Jana..Mai Fer Ley Geya Hor Ki Karda.”

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The translation means: “She was after my life to take her to Taj Mahal, so I took her, what else could I have done?”

Ivanka later responded to Mr Dosanjh in an adorable tweet.

She said: “Thank you for taking me to the spectacular Taj Mahal, @diljitdosanjh! It was an experience I will never forget!”

Ivanka then decided to take it even further and retweeted a series of photos.

Ivanka visited the Taj Mahal with the president’s party at sunset last Monday.

The adviser and her husband posed after the president and his wife Melania stood before the famous monument.

Twitter users mocked Ivanka for the photos, claiming that people were making fun of her.

One user said: “Oh Barbie, you are so oblivious as you go from pose to pose.”

Lisa said: “They are making fun OF you, not having fun with you.”

Another commented: “We would appreciate it if you didn’t travel on our dime while looking for more business deals and photo opportunities.”

While another said: “You have no friends.”

However, many users also congratulated Ivanka for her sense of humour.

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