Jeremy Corbyn reported for ‘pretending’ to be Labour MP – Twitter told to suspend account

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Sir Keir Starmer has said Jeremy Corbyn will not sit as a Labour Party MP in the Commons, as he decided not to restore the whip to the party’s former leader. But it appears Mr Corbyn is reluctant to accept the decision, as he still has “Labour MP for Islington North” in his Twitter bio, alongside a red rose – a symbol for the party.

Dozens of Twitter users have mocked the former Labour leader for failing to change his bio.

One person wrote: “Still an independent MP though aren’t you Jezza, time to change your Twitter bio I’d say, cause you’re not getting back in any time soon.”

Another user said: “Can you fix your Twitter bio? You erroneously state that you are a Labour MP.”

A third wrote: “Has anyone told Corbyn yet? He really needs to change his Twitter bio.”

Many users even urged Twitter to intervene in the matter.

One person wrote: “Please report Jeremy Corbyn for lying and pretending to be a Labour MP.

“He is an independent MP and has been since last month.

“He has not been given back the whip so is deceiving the electorate.

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“Twitter must suspend him until he changes his Twitter bio.”

Another said: “Jeremy Corbyn is falsely claiming to be a Labour MP – @Twitter @TwitterSupport please can you mark his bio as fake and misleading.”

A third wrote: “Someone needs to tell Jeremy Corbyn who is STILL falsely describing himself as a Labour MP on his Twitter bio.

“Labour, Keir Starmer it is clearly damaging the reputation of the Labour Party for him to put himself out as a Labour MP when he isn’t. Why was he allowed back in?”

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On Tuesday Mr Corbyn was reinstated as a member of the Labour Party, having been suspended over his response to a report on antisemitism within the party.

But on Wednesday Sir Keir announced he would not be readmitting Mr Corbyn to the parliamentary party.

The Labour leader said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s actions in response to the EHRC report undermined and set back our work in restoring trust and confidence in the Labour party’s ability to tackle antisemitism.

“In those circumstances, I have taken the decision not to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn. I will keep this situation under review.”

A Labour spokesman said Mr Corbyn was informed of the decision by the chief whip by phone on Wednesday morning.

Former Labour Leader Gordon Brown commented on the matter on GMB this morning.

He said: “Jeremy has got to make a full apology. No ifs, no buts, no caveats, no qualifying sentences.

“He has got to admit he got it wrong. There is no place for antisemitism, no place for any form of discrimination in our society.

“And if people are in any doubt about where he stands, he has got to make it absolutely clear that he will have no truck with anti-semitism at any time in the future and until he makes that clear, Keir Starmer will, I suppose, continue to insist that he stays outside the Labour Party in parliament, even though his is a member of the Labour Party.”

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