‘Keep your nose out’ Boris Johnson ordered to get tough with Biden during US visit

Joe Biden needs to show 'US is in control' says expert

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Amid issues surrounding the protocol, Mr Johnson has been told to stand up for the UK as he conducts his four-day trip to the US. Although Mr Biden joined his counterparts in unveiling the Aukus alliance last week, he has been a staunch critic of Brexit throughout his time in Washington. Express.co.uk asked in an exclusive online poll: “Should Boris get tough with Biden in talks next week amid fears US backs EU?”

In response, of the 859 people who voted, 817 said the Prime Minister must get tough with the President.

In contrast, 38 voted ‘no’ while four were unsure.

Commenting on the poll, many Britons criticised the US for attempting to interfere in UK politics.

After the sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan, one reader said: “The US, particularly under Biden and Harris, will only ever back the EU and the Irish.

“They will forget all our help and use us. Go on with trade deals with CANZUK, the Commonwealth countries and the rest of the world.

“Don’t let the US treat us badly again, look at the debacle of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I didn’t see any thanks when our forces saved a lot of their people when their own forces were told not to.

“I really like a lot of Americans but their politicians are not trustworthy.”

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A second also called on the Prime Minister to remind our American counterparts of how supportive the UK has been.

They said: “Explain the problems people of Northern Ireland are experiencing, tell the US what Britain expects.

“Remind them how we always back them up even as junior partners and remind them how the EU does everything out of step unless it’s financially beneficial to them.

“They in the main pay two percent NATO fees and they have gone against all logic as far as Russian gas is concerned.

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“That’s just for starters I am sure better-educated people in Downing St could put together far longer lists than I can of reasonable arguments why the USA should take our side.”

A third said: “Macron’s childish behaviour and the way he insulted America just made Johnson’s task a little easier.”

Mr Johnson flew to New York on Sunday to start his four-day visit to the US.

He will attend the UN General Assembly before visiting the White House for the first time since he took office in 2019.

His meeting comes as the French Government issued its outrage over the Ausuk alliance.

The alliance will share technology between the three nations and eventually provide Australia with a nuclear-powered submarine.

By doing, the Australian government has scrapped its $90billion (£47billion) submarine programme with France.

In response, French officials have claimed any trade deal between the EU and Australia is now at risk of collapse.

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