Labour MP outlines why the party needs to be back in power to deliver for voters

The last Labour landslide happened when I was at school.

It changed my life, my family and my community.

I want my children to know a Labour Government too.

This goal will be on my mind next week when the Labour Party turns 120.

On February 27, 1900 trade unionists, left-wing, working class and cooperative groups agreed to set up a single body to help elect Labour Members of Parliament.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Labour Party is in pretty bad shape.

But we can win again.

Keir Starmer is right about being united in holding Boris Johnson and the Tories to account.

Lisa Nandy is right that our climb back to power is steep but need not be long.

And Rebecca Long-Bailey is right to champion our mass membership and the political energy of our young activists.

I will work with whoever wins the Labour leadership to help.

Boris Johnson now has no excuses.

He has a majority, he’s got Brexit done and he now has to deliver.

Labour might have lost this election but we will always be on the side of the nurses and patients who have been promised a better NHS, for the teachers and pupils who have been promised more school funding, for the commuter waiting for a better bus or train service and for families across the country who have been promised better pay and thriving high streets.

Labour in government gave my parents the national minimum wage – transformational at the time – and invested in working class kids from failing comprehensive schools like mine to give me the best shot at life.

We should be proud of what Labour has achieved in power.

To change Britain for the better again, the Labour Party now needs to secure a new landslide election victory.

That’s why I’ve started the Pathway to Power Commission.

I won’t have all the answers but I hope to get some ideas from listening to voters and members across the country.

The Labour Party was created by the people, for the people.

It’s only right that we listen to understand what we need to do to be match fit once again.

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