Liz Truss told to respect EU or face Brexit ‘marginalisation’ as she issues Russia demands

Liz Truss: Government 'will be really tough' if Russia invades Ukraine

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The Foreign Secretary told BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday that Russia must hold its commitments made to Ukraine with the Budapest Agreement. But Ms Truss’ demand backfired when it was pointed out Brexit Britain is failing to respect international agreements made with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The accusation came from Managing Director of Eurasia Group, Mujtaba Rahman, who argued the Foreign Secretary is failing to “register” that the UK Government’s dealing with the Brexit negotiations “hurts” its calls for other countries to respect international obligations.

He said: “Liz Truss is talking about the need to hold Russia to commitments it has made to Ukraine in 1994 Budapest Agreement.

“Seemingly doesn’t register that the UK Government’s actions over Northern Ireland Protocol hurt moral case it can make to other countries to respect the treaties they sign.”

Echoing Mr Rahman’s claim, former Tory MP Ian Colin Taylor warned the UK is being “marginalised” by France on the same basis.

He said: “This has not been overlooked in France for example..and explains why UK is marginalised.”

London and Brussels are still locking horns over the Northern Ireland Protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

On Sunday, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has said he believes there is a “landing ground” for resolving difficulties that exist with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

But shadow Northern Ireland secretary Peter Kyle has warned that the Good Friday Agreement is now under “huge pressure” because of the Government’s handling of issues around the protocol.

European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss met in London on Friday as part of their attempt to break the deadlock over the protocol and committed to intensive talks over the coming days.

But DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has since warned that there has been “very little progress” in the ongoing discussions and said he does not expect to see a breakthrough before Stormont Assembly elections in May.

But Mr Lewis told the BBC: “We think there is a landing ground, we think there is a way of resolving this.

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“The best way to resolve it is by agreement because that gives certainty, stability for businesses and people in Northern Ireland.

“One of the points the DUP make, so do Sinn Fein, is we need to resolve the problems with the protocol to make sure the people in Northern Ireland can access goods and products in the way they always have done.”

Northern Ireland was plunged into fresh political upheaval recently when the DUP withdrew Paul Givan as First Minister in protest at the protocol.

The party said the post-Brexit deal, which has created trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, had undermined a cornerstone of powersharing in the region – governance with the consent of both nationalists and unionists.

Boris Johnson signed the protocol with the EU as a measure to stop a hard border from being erected, and jeopardising the peace process, on the island of Ireland.

But his Government is trying to renegotiate the deal, arguing that it is hampering the movement of goods between Britain and Northern Ireland and damaging community relations.

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Stormont Assembly elections are scheduled for May 5, but in the meantime, there is no functioning Executive.

Mr Kyle blamed the Government for the political crisis in Northern Ireland during an appearance on Sky’s Trevor Phillips On Sunday.

He said: “We have a Prime Minister that goes to Northern Ireland, makes an absolute solemn promise there will be no border down the Irish Sea and has no intention of honouring that promise, and in fact breaks it straight away.

“This has put a division right down Northern Ireland at a time when politics is already fragile.

“The Good Friday Agreement is under huge pressure at the moment because we have a Government that doesn’t represent all of Northern Ireland, it only represents part of the politics of Northern Ireland.

“We have a Northern Ireland Secretary who doesn’t really engage across all of the communities in Northern Ireland.”

He added: “I am afraid this is a Government who has played fast and loose with the Good Friday Agreement and all of the measures which have delivered peace, stability and economic growth in Northern Ireland and that is a real worry.”

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