‘Nerves in No10’ Laura Kuenssberg on exactly what Boris Johnson is worried about in Rome

COP26: PM determined to show 'more progress' says Kuenssberg

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BBC Politics Editor Laura Kuenssberg insisted that despite the ongoing tensions with France and Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson faces a more difficult challenge at the G20 meeting in Rome. She noted that beyond all of the post-Brexit fishing rows, one of the biggest issues for Mr Johnson is climate change. She noted that Boris Johnson, as well as other wealthy nations, will have to make strong cases for economic investment into greener living. 

She highlighted that this would be difficult when countries would have to explain how much money they are willing to contribute to developing nations to reach greener targets. 

Ms Kuesnssberg said: “Forget all of that for a second and the tensions specifically with France.

“The big job of work here is trying to get the wealthiest countries in the world in Rome to commit to doing more to try and slow down the climate change.

“That is about their own commitments, how much Carbon are they going to promise to get rid of for their own economies.

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“This is particularly tricky when it comes to countries like China and India.

“It is also about how much cash they are willing to put up to help smaller countries and developing countries make what is a pretty difficult change to make their economies greener.

“That is one of the real political priorities for Boris Johnson.

“The Prime Minister needs to create some momentum to get things going, to galvanise the big 20 wealthiest countries in the world.

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“This is before the whole show moves to Glasgow and comes back home where they will be joined by more than 150 other countries at this huge UN climate conference.

Ms Kuenssberg noted that the Prime Minister is hoping to show significant progress on climate change by the end of the UN climate change summit.

She said: “This is tricky for the UK, Boris Johnson has got a big ambition to try and show at the end of that conference in Glasgow that there has been genuinely more progress that matters to us all on slowing down climate change.

“It is a huge patchwork of factors now, it is about the economy, environmental campaigning, science, political rivalries and it is a very difficult thing for the UK to juggle.

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“The UK isn’t the boss of the conference, we can’t just put a deal on the table and try and get everyone to sign.

“The UK is the host, as we all know, even the best hosts can’t control the behaviour of their guests.

“I think there are quite a lot of nerves in Number 10 about what might happen.”

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