Nicola Sturgeon confronted on shameful SNP ‘failure’ – furious letter over £2m black hole

Sturgeon’s ‘ego controls what they do’ says Wynn

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Scottish Tory MSP Jamie Greene insisted education is one of the SNP’s “biggest failures”. He claimed that since Ms Sturgeon’s party has been in power, the attainment gap has widened and pass rates have fallen.

Mr Greene made the comments in a letter to a local newspaper in a row over funding for Inverclyde schools.

The Scottish Shadow Justice Secretary took to Twitter to post his letter in the Greenock Telegraph.

He said: “I was struck by the recent letter calling out the SNP government’s decision to cut £2million in funding for Inverclyde schools.

“I previously served as Shadow Education Secretary and I regard the SNP’s record on education as among their biggest failures – this cut will only make things worse.

“Since they took power the attainment gap has widened, pass rates have fallen, there is a recruitment crisis in the sector, the list goes on.

“They were also the only party who failed to back my motion on free school meals last December and now they have delayed them, despite their election promise.

“Of course, Stuart McMillan [MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde] and the SNP would have you believe that none of this is their fault, but it’s a fact that education has been devolved for 22 years.

“Frankly, the next generation deserves better.

“The SNP get a ‘Fail’ grade from me.”

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Last month, the Greenock Telegraph reported that schools in Inverclyde are set to lose up to £2million a year under plans to end a fund aimed at closing the poverty gap in education.

Inverclyde was one of the first areas to benefit from the Scottish government’s Attainment Challenge fund.

But the scheme is to be ended and the money will instead to distributed among all 32 local authority areas.

Scottish Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has defended the decision.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament last month, she said: “Poverty exists in every local authority in Scotland, and that’s exactly why we’ve taken the decision we have.”

She added that the Scottish government had worked closely with the local authority umbrella body Cosla on the changes.

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