Nicola Sturgeon torn apart as Scottish hard border would cause ‘havoc’ for economy

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Nicola Sturgeon has been campaigning for a second referendum on Scottish independence in the hope that the country can rejoin the EU after Brexit. But former Labour MP George Galloway explained that rejoining the EU would cause “havoc” on Scotland’s economy. He noted that Scotland would also need to cut its current deficit in half.

Speaking on RT, Mr Galloway said: “If Scotland were to be allowed into the EU, they would have to slash their current deficit of more than eight percent to less than three percent, laying waste to the public sector in Scotland which would quite simply no longer be able to exist.

“From eight percent to less than three percent is a very long way indeed.

“Scotland would also have to join the euro once it was able to satisfy the criteria for joining the euro.

“That would mean there would have to be a hard border between Scotland and England.

“Not just because of the different currency, not just because Scotland would be in the EU and England and Wales would not be but because the free movement of cheap east European labour that would flow into Scotland as a mean of getting on the bus and coming to live and work in England.

“It would have to be stopped and there would have to be a hard border which would cause havoc for the Scottish economy which exports more than 60 percent of its good and services to England.”

It comes as Mr Galloway launched a new political campaign group, Alliance for Unity, to stop a second referendum.

The group has received a huge following on social media in just three weeks of its launch.

It plans to secure the defeat of the SNP in May 2021 and bring an “end to the Neverendum on Scotland’s future”.

Mr Galloway told “A coalition Government that will get Scotland off the hamster wheel that we’ve been on for 13 years.

“Our case is simple, the Scottish people have spoken.


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“The referendum was literally called decisive in the Edinburgh agreement which established the referendum.

“Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon said a thousand times, maybe 5,000 times, that this was a ‘once in a generation referendum’, sometimes they even said ‘once in a lifetime’.

“But it hasn’t even been the lifetime of a domesticated rabbit and they speak of nothing else while ignoring the dreadful situation in Scotland’s care homes, hospitals, schools.

“All the big problems that Scotland faces are completely ignored in favour of them getting their ducks in a row to have another go.” 

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