Oh dear, Brussels! Frost rattles Barnier with EU’s own tactics to triumph in Brexit talks

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Academic and Research Director for think tank IEA, Syed Kamall, has argued the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost has put the UK in a strong position in the trade talks with the EU. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Kamall said Lord Frost had learnt from how the EU behaved in trade negotiations. He insisted Lord Frost has played hardball with the EU upfront with the goal of compromising at the end if necessary.

He also admitted that eventually, for both sides to agree a deal, the UK and EU would need to compromise in some areas.

Mr Kamall said: “With trade talks eventually you have to compromise on both sides.

“I think what was different about the David Frost approach to negotiations was that he learnt from what the EU did.

“He learnt to play hardball upfront and then compromise at the end and not compromise too early.”

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Mr Kamall admitted that both the UK and EU would eventually have to make compromises to achieve a trade deal agreement.

He continued: “Both sides will have to make compromises and I think they both know it deep down.

“What has been different this time around compared to previous negotiations is the UK always seemed to compromise much earlier and follow the EU.

“This time the UK has played hardball but both sides know they will have to make compromises.”

Mr Kamall also noted that the UK was not being unreasonable and the EU may need to be more reasonable in the trade talks.

He added: “The UK is not asking for anything different or new than what they offer a third country.

“The UK has looked very carefully at what the EU deals with Canada and elsewhere.

“The UK has pointed specifically to these countries and gone we would like this type of deal just like you have with Canada, for example.

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“Or they have said we would like this part of a deal that you have with this other third country.

“I think the UK has overall been better prepared and also prepared to play hardball with the EU.”

The last round of trade talks is currently underway with both the EU and UK claiming significant details must be addressed before a trade deal can be agreed.

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